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Getting Started

  • Will TradeMeSoft Products work for my business?
    With over 100+ clients across the globe spanning from Small Hotels, to Clubs, Resorts, Restaurants TradeMeSoft Products is designed to adapt to the needs of all aspects of the hospitality industry. With a wide range of integrated solutions and extremely easy to use in nature TradeMeSoft is generalized to work with all your needs for your hospitality business.
  • How do I ensure that TradeMeSoft Products will satisfy all the needs of our operations?
    A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’ – Feel free to try our fully functional 30 days trial to ensure that it satisfies all your needs. Take advantage of our free one to one presentation, wherein our helpdesk can walk you through the functionality and work of every feature and module you require.
  • Is TradeMeSoft on-premise installation software or a cloud solution?
    TradeMeSoft Frontdesk is a desktop based software installed at the hotel server, with a local database to be stored, managed, and secured on premises. However, TradeMeSoft does offer Web Reporting tool which can be accessed over the internet, anytime & anywhere.
  • Do I have to opt for all your modules viz. PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager and POS?
    TradeMeSoft offers a seamlessly integrated all in one hotel management solution. Furthermore, each of our integrated modules can run independently too on its own. You can use only PMS, only Booking Engine or Channel Manager or just use POS for your restaurant.
  • How do I migrate data from my current system to TradeMeSoft Products?
    The tool is used to migrarte the existing data to the new version of database.
  • How does TradeMeSoft Products ensure safety and security of all my data?
    TradeMeSoft Products is an on-premise locally installed software. Database for TradeMeSoft Products is hosted locally at the properties own machines and not on TradeMeSoft Servers.
    For the Booking Engine and Channel Manager modules, which are hosted on the cloud, we have the industry standard SSL encryption to transmit data. This ensures that your data is secure. This is the same technology used by online trading companies and banks. In addition, your data is saved on firewall-protected servers and backed up automatically.
  • What are the limitations in the trial version?
    The only limitation in terms of functionality in the trial version is you cannot create your own invoice copy in the trial version. In addition, the trial version will stop functioning after 30 days. Upon expiration, you can contact TradeMeSoft support for further assistance.
  • Do you offer a trial for all the modules of PMS, POS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager?
    Yes, TradeMeSoft does offer a trial for all the modules offered by TradeMeSoft. You can avail the trial by sending trail request by email.
  • Can I run the trial version in real life scenario with live data?
    Absolutely. When using the trial version, you have the opportunity to create your own hotel database as well as one can go through the pre-configured sample database available with the trial. You can even get our free configuration service if you prefer, whereby you can operate your real-time operations with your live environment data during the trial period. We highly recommend using live environment database while evaluating the software.
  • My software demo is expired", how can I register it as a licensed copy?
    Once you have paid for the software, you will get the software license keys after some basic formalities. These keys will convert the software as a registered version and the trial version limitations will be removed. Our implementation and training team will immediately contact you to ensure that you are using the system to its maximum capabilities and all your staff is properly trained.
  • How does TradeMeSoft Hotel handle multiple properties?
    TradeMeSoft Frontdesk Hotel Management software can work for a single property. If you want to implement on multiple property you have to contact TradeMeSoft Support team for make setup.
  • I am confident that TradeMeSoft Products satisfies our needs. What will be the implementation process after I purchase the software?
    Once your purchase is complete, a dedicated representative is allocated to you who will help you implement the software as per your requirements up until you are fully operational. The process may vary from property to property.
    • Step 1:
      Data gathering: You would be provided with a data-gathering XLS sheet, asking information regarding your property mentioning the room types, rates, business source etc.
    • Step 2:
      Installation and Integration: Our representative will help you install the software on all your computers and carry out all the opted integration’s simultaneously configuring your database, as per the data-gathering sheet.
    • Step 3:
      Training and Certification: Department wise training sessions would be carried out by the support team.
    • Step 4:
      Transition Phase Guidance: When you start moving from your old system to TradeMeSoft, you can have some hiccups, questions, and queries. You can have those instantly solved by support team.
    • Step 5:
      Project Sign-Off: Once you are all happy and good to go we will sign-off by providing you information on ways to contact our support department. Our support desk will be always available to support you for any of your further queries.
  • How is the Implementation process of booking engine/Channel Manager?
    Implementation for the Booking Engine and Channel Manager is a simple procedure generally taken care by your devoted account manager. You need to provide some basic hotel details such as room types, rates, inventory, etc. and our implementation team will then use the data and do the required configuration and settings. Once done, you are good to go.
  • What is the process post-implementation?
    Once the implementation process is over and you have satisfactorily started using our system you might rarely need our help.
    TradeMeSoft’s customer success team will be contacting you periodically to check if the system is being used to its full capacity and if you have any other queries. Apart from that you will regularly receive emails on our product updates.
  • What kind of hardware is required to install TradeMeSoft Products?
    TradeMeSoft‘s requirements typically fall far below the minimum specs of a new business grade computer available today.
  • Which operating systems is supported by TradeMeSoft Products?
    TradeMeSoft Products flawlessly works on any computer running Windows OS. There are work-arounds available if you want to use other operating systems too.
  • Is Internet required to use TradeMeSoft Products?
    No, the Internet is not required to use TradeMeSoft Products. TradeMeSoft Hotel is an on-premise desktop based software which is locally installed on a desktop PC or on a server and works on LAN when using multiple client environments.

    Yes, If you want to configure the Web reporting module, Email Send receive, Integrate Booking Engine, Send SMS, Instant Online Support, We Require internet.
  • Detailed Specification
    The Software is Multi User and Multi Computer enabled, you can extend any number of computers with in LAN. Any Hardware/ accessories are not providing by TradeMeSoft Technology.
    Hotel Computer hardware Specification (Client PC/Server PC)
    1) Minimum 1 GB RAM with ~120GB HDD
    2) Monitor Screen resolution preferred minimum 1024X768
    3) OS: Windows xp or above (windows)
    4) MS Office with Ms Access
    5) LAN/Internet Connectivity
    6) Printer preferable Laser Jet or Ink Jet

    Restaurant Computer hardware Specification (Client PC/Server PC)
    1) Minimum 1 GB RAM with ~120GB HDD
    2) Monitor Screen resolution preferred minimum 1024X768
    3) Works in POS Terminal (Touch screen) also.
    4) OS: Windows xp or above (windows)
    5) MS Office with Ms Access
    6) LAN/Internet Connectivity
    7) Printer preferable Thermal Printer or Dot matrix.

    “The above mentioned Computer specifications are not compulsory. Our Software works in minimum resource, but expected better performance we expect better configuration.”

    Internet Accessibility for Instant Support with Team Viewer or ammyy admin.
  • How much does your software cost?
    TradeMeSoft offers a huge range of modules, add-on’s, and third party integrations; and not all of the offerings are required by every property. Thus TradeMeSoft provides a complete modular pricing whereby you only pay for what you need. The software pricing solely depends on the hotel requirements; i.e. the number of rooms, the terminal licenses needed, interfaces required, etc. Send us Qoutation request with your specification and our sales team will be happy to provide you the pricing structure as per your software prerequisites.
  • Do I have to pay extra for live support?
    TradeMeSoft offers totally free live support by means of chat, email, and voice. TradeMeSoft also offers free training to your current and new staff and during the start we even offer free implementation.
    Please note that this free service is available for 12 months from the date of purchase. In order to continue this free support and upgrades to the software, you have to enroll within the AMC (Annual Maintenance Program).
  • Am I locked into a contract?
    There are no contracts or commitments, TradeMeSoft Products being a lifetime license software, does not require hotels to sign any such minimum period usage contracts.
  • Do we need to purchase any other software or database license to operate TradeMeSoft Software?
    No, you do not need to purchase any other software or database license like MS SQL or MS SQL SERVER. Some of the reports are in Excel and MS Word so that the MS Office with MS Access is the need to be installed.
    Please note that TradeMeSoft provides interfaces with hundreds of third party software like financial accounting, telephone accounting, door lock software and more. You will have to buy your preferred third party software as per your needs.
  • Do I need to purchase a new license if I want to increase the number of rooms? Or if I want to add any optional module like Call Accounting interface or POS later?
    You do not have to purchase a new license. You can increase the number of rooms any time by paying only the difference of cost based on the current price of the software. This is also applicable to the optional modules you may want to add-on once purchased TradeMeSoft Products.
  • What options are available to purchase TradeMeSoft Hotel License?
    TradeMeSoft Hotel has sales and support centers in more than 8 countries and increasing. Either you can buy the licenses from them or you can buy it direct from TradeMeSoft Head Office.
    TradeMeSoft provides various payment options like online credit card payment, bank transfer, Paypal etc. Please contact our sales department for more information.
  • What is your refund policy?
    TradeMeSoft offers a fully functional free 30 days trial version for you to test the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a ‘try before you buy’ approach, we do not offer a refund for our products.
  • Is the Annual Maintenance Contract mandatory? What does the Annual Maintenance Contract cover?
    AMC for TradeMeSoft software is not mandatory. Due to the high stability of the software, there are many satisfied customers who do not require support and are not keen for the new features too. Such clients do not generally enroll with the AMC, or enroll when they prefer too.
    However, we would highly recommend enrolling the Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Who uses your product? Do you have reference sites?
    Hotels, motels, hostels, resorts, condominiums, clubs, chains (ranging from small, mid-sized, to high –ends) across the globe in around 8+ countries are currently using TradeMeSoft Products.
  • What options are available for support?
    TradeMeSoft offers various support options and can be contacted by various means. On Skype, Phone, Email, Chat Messangers
  • What options are available for personalized training/ on-site training?
    Online Training: Personalized training sessions with a dedicated trainer is available free to help you with all queries, and provide an in-depth training of the software.
    Onsite Training: Onsite training is also available in most of the countries around the world. It can be provided either by our local partner or directly by TradeMeSoft Training Team. This training will be available at certain costs, depending on the location and number of man-days.
  • Can I get one-on-one personalized training during the trial period?
    Yes. TradeMeSoft having a dedicated training department provides training for the software to all, whenever required. You can apply for training during the trial period and get acquainted with the software before you purchase it.
  • I have a new employee. Can you provide training to him/her?
    Yes we do provide training to your new employees also.
  • Your support is available in how many languages?
    TradeMeSoft provides live support in the English language. However, our partners located in more than 8 plus countries can provide support in your preferred local language too. Please check with our support on the availability of our partners in your region.
  • What is the difference between integrated modules and 3rd party interface?
    TradeMeSoft Products has various integrated modules / products of which the major ones are: Restaurant POS, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager. Simultaneously, all these modules are individual products themselves and can work independently too. As these products are developed by TradeMeSoft we are able to develop a seamless integration between all our products.
    3rd party interfaces are the bridges between TradeMeSoft products and other proprietary software or hardware which are not developed by TradeMeSoft. These interfaces generally transfer the data from the TradeMeSoft software to other so that the data transfer is automatic and save man efforts and time without any scope of errors.
  • TradeMeSoft is integrated with how many third party interfaces? Do you offer custom 3rd party interface development?
    TradeMeSoft integrates with huge numbers of third party software. You can get a detailed list of TradeMeSoft interfaces here. We also offer custom 3rd party interfaces at an extra cost provided that the interfacing party provides an API and helps with the needful information for integration.
  • Does TradeMeSoft have an interface with various accounting software?
    Yes. TradeMeSoft Hotel offers integration with Busy & Tally but can be integrated to any accounting software provided we get SDK of the software from the software company. With this accounting interface, you would be able to swiftly transfer your accounting data and revenue information to the desired accounting software on a single click.
  • In which languages is TradeMeSoft Products available?
    TradeMeSoft Products can be operated in Englsih Only. (Invoice format can be customized to fit the Regional Languages)
  • Do you offer customization if required?
    We are always improving our software to build more features that are useful or improving the existing features as per the updating hospitality standards. If there is something specific, you do not find in our software and would like to have it, please let us know.
  • Do you offer custom reports?
    TradeMeSoft offers over 50+ reports concerning to guest transactions, front office, night audit, user logs, etc. Nevertheless, if you do not find the report of your choice, we can surely get it customized for you at professional rates.
  • My country has some specific needs. How do you accommodate those?
    As TradeMeSoft have clients in most of the countries around the globe, it’s very likely that important requirements are already present in the software. But we have often witnessed that local officials impose policy changes or adds new policy and often require the software to follow the changes. Let us know the details of your specific requirements. If the feature requested by you is useful for other customers then we might not charge for it. Otherwise, professional fee applies.
  • How long does it take to setup Booking Engine for my property?
    The average time needed to setup the booking engine in real life scenario is 5 business days after receiving the required information about the property.
  • Can the TradeMeSoft booking engine be integrated into my existing website?
    TradeMeSoft Reservation can be easily integrated with any website using customizable templates that can be matched to the design and layout of your current website. Integration can be done by your website developer using the code provided by us, or the same can be taken care by the TradeMeSoft technical team without any charges.
  • Can I accept Credit Cards / PayPal or include my preferred payment gateway?
    TradeMeSoft seamlessly integrates with payment gateways, We would be happy to get it integrated. Full or part payments (deposits) can be paid by debit or credit card as an inquiry.
  • How many rooms can a customer book in one reservation?
    There is no limit on the number of rooms that a customer can book in a single reservation. However, if you prefer to put a limit, you can do so from the configuration system available in the admin panel of the booking engine.
  • What about reservation cancelations?
    Customers can also cancel their bookings online, provided you allow it. We have various settings where by you can set the cancellation conditions. Upon cancellation, you will receive a message regarding the cancelation and the customer will receive an email confirming their status.
  • How can I ensure that bookings are from genuine guests?
    Once a booking has been placed by the guest and confirmed in your system, you can view all details via the admin panel. If you find any booking that does not seem genuine, you as the system administrator can use the details to contact the guest and confirm them as genuine prior to processing their booking.
  • Does TradeMeSoft Booking Engine support more than one hotel? If yes, then how?
    Yes, TradeMeSoft Booking Engine does support multiple properties. These properties can be in the same or multiple locations. The TradeMeSoft Booking Engine can be integrated into the individual website of all your properties or a single website listing all your properties and you can get the reservation and occupancy details from all of these into an integrated central control and admin panel.
  • Do I have full control of the online booking system?
    TradeMeSoft Booking Engine provides you with complete control of the online booking process. You can enter and modify room description, rates, and allocations - all accessible 24 hours a day from any device with an Internet connection. This makes it easy and quick to increase room allocations or to close out dates that are fully booked. You can close availability – stop sales – any time you want.
  • How do our property and the customer be notified when a booking is made?
    All customers who complete the three steps of the reservation process will receive an instant on-screen confirmation of reservation. The screen will provide their reservation details as well as a booking id / number. They will be advised to print it for ease of reference. Within a couple of seconds, the system will also email them a confirmation of the reservation with additional details such as the hotel’s contact numbers and address. Simultaneously, the system does send a notification mail of a new booking done to the hotelier/administrator, also showing a new booking received pop-up in the Administrative panel of TradeMeSoft Booking Engine. If you’re concerned about missing an email notification, consider taking advantage of our convenient SMS notification module.
  • How many channels are currently connected with TradeMeSoft?
    TradeMeSoft Channel Manager is connected with lots of leading international and local OTA’s. Apart from that we are constantly expanding our interfaces with new ones.
  • What to do if my required channel is not available with TradeMeSoft?
    Our distribution network is always expanding with new interfaces regularly. If you do find that a channel of your preference is not in our list, all you have to do is contact us and after doing a feasibility test we will develop an interface at a minimum possible time period.
  • Do you provide a trial account for the channel manager?
    Yes, We can provide you trail admin panel for Booking Engine
  • Can I add or remove a channel later on?
    You can always add or remove a channel later on, there is no limit on the number of channels and we do not charge anything extra for the number of distribution channels. Also, the numbers of channels you are connected can be changed at your discretion anytime.
  • Can TradeMeSoft Booking Engine Connect with third party property management system (PMS)?
    TradeMeSoft Booking Engine is integrated with TradeMeSoft Products for a seamless integration. But if you want to continue with your current PMS and only use the TradeMeSoft Booking then we can provide an XML interface (API) that allows any third-party software to interface it. Thus if your PMS vendor is willing to integrate TradeMeSoft channel manager then we are happy to help them for the interface.
  • Does the POS support touch-screen?
    With the ability to save items on the basis of codes, categories, and names (obviously), TradeRestaurant also helps you manage your inventory for a quicker and easier access.
  • What printers can I use to print receipts with TradeRestaurant?
    TradeRestaurant works flawlessly with major POS printers used in the hospitality industry. You can set the receipt size, characters, captions, description, etc. you want, and change the settings when necessary. Feel free to use the custom templates available in TradeRestaurant to print receipts. Also, we can help you print receipts on custom stationery at an additional configuration charge. TradeRestaurant also integrates with all major Fiscal printers available in the market.
  • I have multiple kitchens for preparations for each cuisine type, how does TradeRestaurant help me in such a scenario for managing Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT’s)?
    Set your preferable choice of kitchen printer to print the KOT's of a particular menu item or menu group. We understand a restaurant might have different kitchen areas to prepare a lot of different menu items, so as per the industry standards, TradeRestaurant is programmed to help the waiters/cashiers ease their work, and get the correct menu item printed in their respective kitchen, once the order is placed. You can contact our Support team for more information on KOT management.
  • How does TradeRestaurant handle Inventory?
    With a dedicated Store Management module, keep track of all the store items, purchased, manufactured, issued between multiple stores. One can set the Bill of Material (BOM)(Assign Ingradeints prepare menu)- inventory consumption for menu items, respective to the store items used to prepare it, so that the store items are automatically deducted from your inventory once a sale of the menu item is done.
  • How do I setup different prices for items, according to different times of day?
    Manage multiple rates at a single click. TradeRestaurant provide several different options to manage rates of a menu item. You can set ‘Happy hour’ rates, defining the time period and days of the week you want the special rate to be applied. You can set different Menu’s, and multiple prices, for each menu item on the basis of the item units and sessions.
  • What external device does TradeRestaurant support?
    TradeRestaurant is integrated with a variety of third-party hardware and software providers from around the globe. Manage your Cash Drawers as per the sales, display your best offering on your Pole Display devices, and it can be intigrated with Proper SDK from hardware vendor.
  • Will TradeRestaurant work with the POS I currently use?
    Yes. TradeRestaurant is compatible with most POS hardware. TradeRestaurant can seamlessly work on any computer running Windows OS.
  • I have a customer relationship program, how can TradeRestaurant help me manage my frequently visiting customers?
    The Product Customization can be done as per Client requirement
  • Can I integrate TradeRestaurant with my digital menu system?
    Yes, As per Requirement and Number of Display, We can Design the Customized Digital Display the Menu from Software
  • Can I split receipts?
    Yes, you can. Split receipts can be done using TradeRestaurant; you can split receipts on the basis of menu item quantity, amount, and even equally. Also, you can transfer receipts from one table to other.
  • I have a resort, spread across a huge area. I have multiple restaurants; do I need to purchase a separate license to manage multiple outlets?
    No. Manage as many outlets as you want on a single license. With the help of TradeRestaurant, you can manage multiple outlets running at your property on a single computer, with the options of managing different menu’s and settings for each outlet.